Horny gf gets her way with her man

A pretty girlfriend with sloppy, big tits is walking around the pool area with her shirt wide open! She's trying her hardest to get the attention from her man who's hard at work on his laptop. She decides he needs a break, so she walks over to him and begins to rub his stiff shoulders. When he's totally relaxed, she helps herself to his cock for a dick stiffening blowjob which she knows will get him in the mood for fucking. They get down on the floor where she gets on top to ride him cowgirl style, all while looking at her reflection from the wall size mirror. Usually he comes right after that, but this time she's made him extra horny so he drills her wet cunny from behind. He even indulges her with a tasty creampie for her to swallow.

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Length: 10:20

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