Artistic teacher puts her mouth and cunt to good use

A horny, four eyed teacher is planning an art project for her class for this upcoming Monday. But that is not the only plans she has for this weekend, she's about to put her artistic touche where things really matter! And in her boyfriends book, that means paying her undying attention at catering to his forever growing hard-on. After a bit of romantic kissing, she pulls her tiny tits out of her ruffled blouse so he can get a good look at them while she's hard at work giving him an eye pleasing, deep throat blowjob. He enters her warm, wet snatch with his large, hard penis... and while still inside her, he lifts her up and moves over to a chair where he continous to screw her blind. With hard thrusting, pelvic motions she rides his dick as fast a she can. The camera moves in for a great, close-up shot at her tight, big butt, all while her pussy gets poked until she reaches a fantastic climax. And when he's ready to deliver his cumshot, she kneels down to catch all of the semen in her wide open mouth.

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