Sierra is a great chef plus a huge fuck slut!

It is around seven o'clock at night on a warm, july evening where his sexy wife Sierra has prepared homemade lasagna which is one of Luke's most favorite dishes. Sierra is a hell of a great chef in the kitchen but when it comes to the sex escapades she prepares for him in the bedroom, now these are completely, out of sight astonishing. And when it comes to her fantastic taste in clothing... well you can be the judge of that all by yourself if you get my drift. Like the outstanding hostess she is, she tucks a napkin into his cotton shirt and serves up a glass of cold celtic water and fresh lemon slices. Sometimes she wonders to herslef why she bothers to make all this food for her hubby though. Because like every single night this week he ends up paying much more attention to her sexy, tight dress and what it holds underneath it. After fondling her firm, big butt and those completely natural, big tits of hers, he proceeds to turn her over and carry her upside down into the bedroom. He loves to do that because this way he can get a whiff of her sweet smelling pussy plus get a sense of how wet her pussy is according to the moistness in the crotch area. He carefully places her on the edge of the mattress, pulls her undies to the side so he can tongue bang the living crap out of it. She eagerly and passionately returns the favor with a sloppy, balls deep blowjob. In about three minutes she will mount his boner and ride it like the horny fucking bitch she is. Oh man, this babe really knows how to royally satisfy with all the awesome sex positions she comes up with. And like always he will not disappoint her with a measly semen deposit. No, this dude will deliver a hefty sized cumshot that will literally cover her whole gorgeous chest.

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